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A Social Media Workshop

Social Media for Creatives is an online and in-person workshop developed for companies and individuals in creative industries, where you will not only map out the future of your brand in the social space, but also walk away with the tools you need to effectively and creatively run your social media in-house.

If you're ready to take control of your social media, see some tangible results, and feel inspired by the community you aim to build, then this workshop is for you. Whether you're an amateur or an expert, the one day workshop is all about stretching the creative boundaries on how you engage, grow, design and drive ROI for your brand, company or product.

Just a few of the brands who have benefitted

"The Social Media for Creatives course is a great [way] to learn the basics on what businesses need to do for all of their social media platforms, as well as help you strategize and create goals. We learned how to discover and define our brand's marketing aesthetic and was given ideas for creative content. This class helped us finally get all our thoughts out and on paper and create a plan and social media strategy."
- Mallyce Miller @jolynclothing